Read more papers!

I’m now in industry, and miss the paper-reading of academia.  There are lots of good papers I’d like to read, but don’t have any excuse to, and have plenty of other things to do.

Then, after reading a disappointingly information-sparse article on the generally-excellent Ars Technica (not linkable AFAICT, but to be cross-posted momentarily as the first actual post), I posted a comment with my take on the paper (having read it a week before).  This got several upvotes and an explicit “thanks for the summary” comment.  That felt pretty good.

So now I have an excuse – I’ll read papers and write up a summary, hopefully doing a better job than the typical “University press release/news article” game of telephone.  I’ll focus primarily on CS, being my area of expertise and interest, but may also attempt the occasional physics or other science if I think I have a shot at understanding it or it’s interesting enough.

To kick things off, in the spirit of an article I read a while back, I’ll read seven papers in seven days during the week of April 20 (that gives me some time to pick papers, plus I’m travelling next weekend.)

Current candidates include:

I’d love to hear suggestions.  I also may start early; while I’ll aim for one per day that week, I may well read something before then.

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